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Annelie Pompe

Inspirateur and professional adventurer. CEO for Annelieadventures. Motivational speaker, guide, coach, author and photographer. Amongst her achievements are a freediving world record, being the first Swedish woman to summit Mount Everest from the north side and climbing Seven Summits. 

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Photographer: Roger Borgelid
Photo by: Axel Adolfsson

Adventuress Johanna

Passionate skier, entrepreneur and outdoor guide. CEO for the outdoor company Systrar i bergen (Mountain Sisters).

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Janine Tschanhenz

Freeride coach, social worker, traveller and inspirateur who is combining her work with her passion for moutains. Involved in various youth projects that aim to build confidence in young men and women.

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Photo by Highland Production
Copyright: Marion Poitevin

Marion Poitevin

A woman constantly breaking barriers and inspiring a new generation. The first and only woman in the French Army Mountaineering Group, thereafter the first woman in the Mountain Rescuer Police team. Moreover, she is a certified mountain guide and mum. In the spare time she is mentoring other women in mountain leadership in the frame of the initiative Lead the Climb.

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Sofia Smedman

Elite ultra-runner who has moved to the Swedish mountains to explore her full potential. Several top records in national and international competitions, such as winner of the Ursvik Ultra  and the Kullamannen race.

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Photo by Paulo Abreu
Photo by Rikar Otegui

Josune Bereziartu

Former world record holder and winner of the Golden Piton Award, who has pushed the limits of what is feasible in climbing and who is still a great inspiration to both men and women world-wide. Today, exploring her ‘girl-power’ in cycling and triathlon. 

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Kristina Schou Madsen

Professional ultra-runner and world-record holder of the fastest average marathon in a week. Among her achievements is the Fastest Known Time for the ascent of Kilimanjaro and the win of the World Marathon Challenge, a competition which consists of one marathon a day on seven continents – seven days in a row. She gather all her running activities in her Krixrun running universe, offering personal training, courses, virtual running challenges etc.

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Copyright: Christina Schou Madsen