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Our mission

Mountain adventures are a source for mental and physical well-being. For many people it becomes a lifestyle and an eye-opener for taking greater care of our planet and each other. Our mission is to trigger attitudes and actions towards a more sustainable living and collaborative approach by inspiring people to enrich their lives through mountain adventures.

We believe that collaboration and exchange of ideas and experiences are key factors for success. Therefore, we provide an international platform for cross-border collaboration, inspiration, reflection and innovation.

 There are many amazing female sport practioners and professionals in the mountains, as well as there are amazing male equivalents. But since the men are in majority and generally more visible in media, we choose to focus on the women in mountain adventures. 

Moreover, we want to give coming generations a chance to enjoy and enrich their lives through mountain adventures too. We therefore highlight brands making true sustainability efforts and taking initiatives for climate actions. 

Share your experiences, get inspired by others, network and help us to highlight brave efforts!